Friday, March 25, 2011

National Space Society and India Space Solar Power

"The United States and the world need to find new sources of clean energy. Space Solar Power gathers energy from sunlight in space and transmits it wirelessly to Earth. Space solar power can solve our energy and greenhouse gas emissions problems. Not just help, not just take a step in the right direction, but solve. Space solar power can provide large quantities of energy to each and every person on Earth with very little environmental impact." Read more:
National Space Society

National Space Society Blog

Space-based solar power

Space Based Solar Power - Unspillable

A new source of renewable energy

TED Talk on Space Based Solar Power

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  1. Something about this bohers me, KougarKat. We are already so dependent on technology, so vulnerable when something goes wrong, I wonder if we wouldn't b e smarter just to cut back, conserve and make the best of the electrical, solar and wind powere we have on earth.