Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Than 100 Suspected Mobsters Arrested

Among those charged are Luigi Manocchio, 83, the former boss of the New England LCN; Andrew Russo, 76, street boss of the Colombo family; Benjamin Castellazzo, 73, acting underboss of the Colombo family; Richard Fusco, 74, consigliere of the Colombo family; Joseph Corozzo, 69, consigliere of the Gambino family; and Bartolomeo Vernace, 61, a member of the Gambino family administration. For more ...

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More than 110 alleged mobsters arrested - U.S. news -

Accusations include  'classic mob hits' on rivals and 'truly senseless' killings

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Summary This is a mugshot of former Colombo cr...Image via Wikipedia

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